Skills Training and Development

  • Disaster Management
  • Business Management
  • Environmental Practices
  • Finance and Risk Management
  • Municipal Finance Management
  • Pedagogy in respect of e-learning platforms
  • Community Development focusing on Ecosystems
  • More than 250 other Accredited training programs

BIT Matric Project

Many people are unable to join the work force because of various hindrances to completing their matric.
We offer an opportunity to complete matric, starting from grade 10. Our learners can complete their basic education through the American curriculum (GED) to enhance their global competitiveness. In the process we aim to empower the learners with life skills and soft skills to groom them in to well rounded, focused and innovative individuals that have discovered their passion.

Corporate: Career Advancement

Learning never stops. Growing your career is reliant on your ability to stay current and adaptable. Technology and changing systems can challenge your adaptability. Individual, corporate entities, government and parastatals are invited to apply for courses linked to career growth and development. See our Prospectus above for course offerings.